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New Idea Inventor: This section is to provide Smith & Nephew (S&N) with personal contact information about the inventor of the New Idea. Please record all of the appropriate information.

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Concept Type: This section is to provide S&N with more information about your New Idea. Please choose the most appropriate Concept Type.  For example, will your idea:

  • Create a new device?
  • Establish a new place to sell existing devices or services?
  • Create a new procedure that will improve (patient) outcomes?
  • Allow Smith & Nephew to produce products or perform a service less expensively?

Product Idea Area: This section is designed provide S&N with more information about the application of your New Idea. Please identify the surgical application(s) for your product. For example, a new ACL product would be used in the knee.  More than one may apply.

New Product Idea Description:    In this section, please provide as much non-confidential information as appropriate to define your idea. Describe your idea in a very broad, general sense without disclosing any confidential information about it.  For example, “absorbable material, knotless suture anchor for shoulder surgery in the rotator cuff”.
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